About Purple Hope

Hello! My name is Joseph A. Pinto and welcome to Purple Hope!

George Henry Lewes once said, “The only cure for grief is action.”

And he was right. Grief is different things to different people, even down to the manner in which we come to terms with it. There are no right or wrong ways to our process; most importantly, perhaps, is what we eventually choose as our path.

I found myself along that road several months after my father passed from pancreatic cancer in 2007. It was an excruciatingly painful time, but I did settle upon my own cure. I wrote a book in tribute to my father, a fantasy tale that took his real world and transformed it into myth. In turn I did something else – I offered a message of hope and of unity to be shared with others in a similar situation such as myself.

My intent for Purple Hope is a simple, heart-felt one: share healing, share caring. Share your stories – Purple Hope is your place to express your thoughts and feelings freely. Provide news and updates on your fundraising events. Allow your loved ones to breathe life again, for all others to read, as I did for my father.

I hope you find Purple Hope to be a positive place, one you will visit often.


Joseph A. Pinto

If your life has been affected by pancreatic cancer – or another form of cancer or disease – and wish to share your story, please contact me at authorjosephpinto@gmail.com



3 responses to “About Purple Hope

  1. My father also died of pancreatic cancer, a very long time ago when he was 42. Anything that can be done to raise awareness of both the problem and the ongoing research and treatment is a good thing.

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